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Image: speech interface to in-car devices.

Cambridge Research Laboratory, Speech Technology Group

Welcome to the Speech Technology Group

Our goal is to produce world leading speech technology

Our vision is to use speech to enable human centered interfaces

•  Provide a natural interface to information, services and technology.
•  Interact how, when and where you want.
•  Move from simple input/output to communicating.

Embedded speech recognition and speech synthesis form the heart of the speech technology research and development carried out at CRL. Our speech technology is deployed in multiple countries in products such as in-car navigation systems and electronic dictionaries. All our work is guided by the principle of developing technology that can be applied in real systems with real users in real backgrounds.

CRL’s Speech Technology Group (STG) collaborates closely with the other 2 members of Toshiba’s global speech R&D groups: Knowledge Media Lab, Toshiba RDC, Kawasaki, Japan; Speech Group; Toshiba China R&D Center, Beijing, China. At CRL we contribute to the improvement of the core underlying technology of Toshiba’s synthesis and recognition systems. In addition, STG develops the systems for European and North American languages.

STG has close links with the Machine Intelligence Lab (MIL) at Cambridge University Engineering Department and Toshiba business divisions.

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