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General introductory level articles
Title Source Date
Key to the quantum industry by Andrew Shields and Zhiliang Yuan Physics World [free registration required to view full text] 01/03/2007
NanoTech 2007 in Tokyo showcased the latest in nanotechnology by Martyn Williams InfoWorld 27/02/2007
Towards entangled-photon LEDs by Belle Dumé Physics World 06/03/2006

  Other articles by topic
Title Source Date
Network demonstrations of quantum cryptography
Quantum Encrypted Information Sent Over An Eight Node, Mesh Network 03/07/2009
Vienna project wires up true quantum network by Nadya Anscombe Fibre Systems Europe [free registration required to view full text] 01/03/2009
Quantum key distribution
Toshiba secures networks with encryption technology by Antony Savvas, Computer Weekly 27/02/2007
Toshiba cracks quantum crypto conundrum: Security hole in quantum key distribution plugged by Clement James 23/02/2007
Decoys fix quantum key swapping BBC News Online 22/02/2007
Quantum cryptography goes on show at the DTI Computer Weekly 03/05/2005
Quantum leap in secure web video BBC News Online 29/04/2005
Quantum cryptography demonstration by John Riley Computer Weekly 29/04/2005
Video conferencing gets quantum security: Photon technology ramps up encryption speeds by Mark Peplow Nature News 28/04/2005
Quantum physics secures new video system by John E. Dunn Techworld 28/04/2005
Quantum crypto moves out of the lab: Light fantastic by John Leyden The Register 28/04/2005
Single photon detection
Quantum cryptography hits the fast lane by Marie Freebody [free registration required to view full text] 18/05/2009
Computer Hackers R.I.P.: Making Quantum Cryptography Practical 02/05/2009
The future of quantum IT by John-Paul Kamath 23/07/2008
Enigma variations: A device that counts photons will secure optical data networks from prying eyes [subscription required] (from The Economist print edition) 10/07/2008
Simple mod turns diode into photon counter by KFC the physics arXiv blog 08/07/2008
Quantum secrets can go the distance by Paul Marks New Scientist [subscription required to view full text] (from New Scientist print edition, issue 2661) 18/06/2008
Cambridge semiconductor photon detector can pick out individuals by Steve Bush Electronics Weekly 10/05/2000
Single photon sources
Quantum Cryptography: Telecom-band single-photon source is electrically driven by Gail Overton Laser Focus World 01/04/2007
Foolproof Quantum Cryptography by Duncan Graham-Rowe Technology Review 02/03/2007
‘Unhackable’ network draws nearer by René Millman SC Magazine 26/05/2005
Not a very bright idea by Roger Highfield The Daily Telegraph 25/05/2005
Paving the way for ‘uncrackable’ codes by Ivan Noble BBC News Online 13/12/2001
Entanged photon pair generation
ExtremeIT - Spooky computing Information Age 03/03/2006
Entangled photons seen as route to secure comms by John Walko EE Times 12/01/2006
Quantum entanglement on a chip by Jon Stokes ars technica 12/01/2006
Quantum dots lead to entanglement breakthrough ZDNet UK 11/01/2006
Einstein's ‘spooky action’ seen on a chip by Amarendra Swarup New Scientist (from New Scientist print edition, issue 2534, pg. 19) 11/01/2006
Research at Cambridge and Toshiba finds use for entangled light by Alex Mayhew-Smith Electronics Weekly 11/01/2006
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