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Quantum Information Group, Toshiba Quantum Key Distribution System

Image: Quantum Key Server consists of two compact boxes designed to fit into a communications rack.

Toshiba's Quantum Key Distribution System delivers digital keys for cryptographic applications on fibre optic based computer networks. Based on quantum cryptography it provides a failsafe method of distributing verifiably secret digital keys, with significant cost and key management advantages.

The system provides world-leading performance. In particular, it allows key distribution over standard telecom fibre links exceeding 100 km in length and bit rates sufficient to generate 1 Megabit per second of key material over a distance of 50 km — sufficiently long for metropolitan coverage.

Toshiba's system uses a simple ‘one-way’ architecture, in which the photons travel from sender to receiver. This design has been rigorously proven as secure from all types of eavesdropping attack. This ensures that the Toshiba design will be secure not only today, but also in the future.

Toshiba has pioneered active stabilisation technology that allows the system to distribute key material continuously, in even the most challenging operating conditions, without any user intervention. This avoids the need for recalibration of the system due to temperature-induced changes in the fibre lengths. Initiation of the system is also managed automatically, allowing simple turn-key operation. It has been shown to work successfully in several network field trials. The system can be used for a wide range of cryptographic applications, e.g., encryption or authentication of sensitive documents, messages or transactions. A programming interface gives the user access to the key material.

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