Toshiba EasyGuard


We all take risks in business. But when it comes to your data, you need protection you can trust. Toshiba EasyGuard delivers this extra protection. It’s intelligent, with a unique feature set that is only available on Toshiba notebooks. Complete with industry-beating standard warranties, you can be sure your data, productivity and investment are safe. Toshiba EasyGuard, for carefree mobile computing.

And with Intel® Centrino® Duo processor technology you enable your mobile workforce to interact better and more efficiently with the secure, flexible and expanded options in wireless connectivity.

Protection features can be found on the Toshiba Tecra, Portégé and Satellite Pro models. Simply choose the features you need – and finding the right notebook becomes easy.

Spill-resistant Keyboard

If liquid contacts notebook circuitry, it can damage key components, leading to costly and time-consuming repairs and possible data loss. This Spill-resistant Keyboard prevents system damage from accidental spills (up to 100 cc) on the keyboard and allows user several minutes to close any open files and turn off the machine.

Toshiba Anti-theft Protection Timer

The Anti-theft Protection Timer allows users to set up a timer-activated BIOS password that will prevent unauthorised system access in the event of theft.

Shock Protection Design

Airpocket cushioning and special padding protect key components (HDD, LCD, inverter). The chassis protects the notebook from everyday bumps and knocks to help ensure that data don't get lost. This is validated by Toshiba's own 100cm drop test.

Durable Design

This robust system design and specialised casework, including magnesium alloy, is the result of extensive product development testing. Our Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) simulates product lifecycle, allowing us to pin-point weakness and address them – ensuring quality, reliability and durability.

HDD Protection (3-axis)

This 3D accelerometer 3-axis monitoring system dynamically detects free falls, shock or vibration in all directions. On sensing this, it rapidly moves the HDD head from between the platters and prepares for impact, protecting valuable data.

PC Diagnostics

A unique Toshiba software utility, accessed via the Toshiba Assist button, enables users and IT support staff to identify and resolve problems quickly, saving maintenance costs and minimising system downtime.

Kensington Lock

Industry standard external locking devices provide increased protection against theft and data loss by physically securing the notebook via the standard notebook's lock slot.

Data Backup

This Toshiba Utility for Windows Vista® offers easy data backup functionality to protect data against accidental loss and stores your backup copies on external hard disk drive, CDs, DVDs, or other storage medium.

Easy Fix Components

Allows users to access and change components, such as memory, HDD, modem, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth® and 3G modules, easily saving maintenance costs, minimising system downtime and improving serviceability.