The future in GSM GPRS UMTS


  • Europe's most common mobile telecommunications standard
  • Current bandwidth only supports limited data transmission but some services and applications - such as the Short Message Service (SMS), WAP-based applications and services and its news, weather and sport products are commonly used services.


  • General Packet Radio Services is an exciting new technology that will use the existing GSM network, yet offer higher speed and capacity via a packed switched network infrastructure
  • Main application is expected to be wireless Internet - will enable users to access the full range of Internet services while on the move.
  • Delivery speeds are expected to be 12 times faster than the standard GSM system.


  • Bandwidth has become the rallying cry of the industry, and UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication Standard) will deliver the bandwidth necessary to run the most demanding Internet and video telecommunication applications over a cellular network.
  • The future European standard for 3rd generation cellular networks, UMTS will combine mobile and fixed wire standards and allow very high speed data transfer (up to 2 Mbps).
  • Will make location as unimportant for data as it is now for voice.