Advanced technology

Cordless connector, network bridge, peripheral interface, ad hoc networking tool - Bluetooth does it all.


Worldwide capability

Bluetooth™ technology from Toshiba redefines short-distance communication with the aid of a tiny radio module that operates on the globally available 2.4 Ghz ISM band. This enables universal communication capability.

Secure voice and data transmission

With 79 separate channels over which to transmit data, the card uses Frequency Hopping to keep transmission secure. It randomly changes the transmission channel of individual packets of data at up to 1,600 hops per second.

Fully robust

Designed to operate in a noisy radio frequency environment, Bluetooth radio technology uses a fast acknowledgement and frequency-hopping scheme, making it more robust than many other wireless systems.

High speed

Bluetooth PC Card from Toshiba is a ratified version, which means it offers a fast transmission rate of 1Mbps (max. raw rate). You'll be able to exchange data using Bluetooth technology at speeds up to 12 times faster than over a V.90 modem.

Greater distance

Bluetooth PC Card from Toshiba is equipped with a stronger transmitter (capable of 20dBm) than many Bluetooth devices from other manufacturers. This widens it's reach and data transmission while the output power is adjusted to the real distance requirements.

Power efficient

Bluetooth technology is designed to conserve battery life. In standby mode, the radio chip uses less than three per cent of the power used by a mobile phone. Power-saving features automatically shift to low-power mode when traffic lessens or stops.

Coming soon in the world of Bluetooth wireless connectivity...

  • Transfer images and video clips between your camera and notebook PC
  • Connecting to an public access point locates at airports, hotels or conference centers
  • You can also expect to see Bluetooth in your digital TV set, DVD player or car

Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Sweden and licensed to Toshiba.