Bluetooth™ technology in action

In the office

  • Cordless connection to peripherals:
    Notebook, printer, PDA, desktop computer, fax machine, mouse, keyboard - all can be instantly connected via Bluetooth technology.
  • Instant conferencing: Bluetooth transforms meetings and conferences:
    For example, share your presentation notes or other data with all or selected participants. Or send private messages or memos to other PCs within range.
  • Automatic data synchronisation:
    Stay completely up-to-date, all the time. Imagine entering the office and your notebook, PDA and desktop address books and calendars will automatically updated to agree with one another. Or, imagine watching your sales co-ordinator extract the latest sales data from each member of a sales force as they arrive after a trip.

On the move

  • Cordless connection to mobile peripherals:
    Use Bluetooth technology for instant connection between a notebook PC and mobile printer. No need to carry cables around with you. Or, send an email without even taking your mobile phone out of your pocket.
  • Surf the Internet:
    With Bluetooth technology on board, it's easy to surf the Internet, Extranet or Intranet - wherever you travel - via mobile phone, modem or wire-bound access point.
  • Wireless image transfer:
    Soon you'll be able to wirelessly connect your digital camera to a portable PC or mobile phone and send video clips or photos from any location.
  • Catch up on emails in flight:
    Compose emails on a portable PC; as soon as you land, switch on your phone - your messages are automatically sent.

Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Sweden and licensed to Toshiba.