"What is SPANworks®?"

Supplied as standard with all Toshiba's Bluetooth™ PC Card and WiFi™ wireless LAN products, SPANworks® is the first-ever comprehensive 'team computing' network application software.

This innovative tool takes wireless networking capabilities further, introducing new levels of ad hoc networking and enhanced productivity.

Above all, SPANworks® makes networking easy!


Applications include:

Spontaneous networking

  • SPANworks® lets you build seamless wire-free networks over two or more notebooks up to a total of seven

Secure, high-speed file transfer

  • Use the 'File Utilities' function to effortlessly transfer files to one, a few, or every other notebook in your proximity with a simple drag and drop.
  • Synchronisation lets you specify automatic transfer whenever specified PCs come into range

Enhanced presentations

  • SPANworks® transforms communication at meetings - for example, transfer presentation slides directly to everyone present for easy viewing during a meeting
  • Audience members can append comments to slides, or even save the presentation for future reference

Chat in real-time

  • Exchange private messages or memos with other users

Exchange electronic business cards

  • Before and after a business meeting? Send and receive business cards at the click of a button