Toshiba, the world leader in mobile computing, now aims to revolutionise the way you connect and communicate.

Imagine being able to surf the Internet ... without the hassle of tangled telephone lines and other cables. Imagine being able to check your email from every corner of your office building ... without having to find a network plug-in. Imagine instantly updating your mobile phone contacts list ... without taking it out of your bag.


Which wireless technology?

Easy links to freedom is Toshiba's latest solution for people on the move. Whether you want to have the freedom to roam your house, your office or the world, our state-of-the-art wireless solutions can liberate you from the restrictions of cables and open up new possibilities for easy communication.

Check out this overview of our technology, its benefits, and the possibilities to learn about the ways that Toshiba can help you support spontaneous PC-to-PC networking, and the effortless sharing of files, presentations and electronic business cards. And then imagine where cable-less freedom can take you.

Wireless PAN (Personal Area Networking)

Wireless communication to nearby devices and within your personal area - e.g. notebook to printer, or PC to mobile phone.
What is WPAN?: Bluetooth revolution
Features: Advanced technology
Applications: Bluetooth technology in action
Products: Bluetooth PC Card

Wireless LAN (Local Area Networking)

Access shared information or form instant cable-free PC networks anywhere in an office or building.
What is WLAN?: Enter the world of instant wireless connection
Features: Intelligent technology or powerful performance
Applications: Wireless LAN in action
Products: Toshiba Wireless LAN Product Range

Wireless WAN (Wide Area Networking)

The future for everyday data communication - cellular networks with greater bandwidth data transfer rates.
What is WWAN?: The future
Applications: Wireless WAN in action




An alphabetical list of technical terms and their definitions

Trust Toshiba to deliver

  • First to introduce Bluetooth™ PC Card
  • First to introduce SPANworks® wireless productivity application software
  • Founding member of Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) - driving development of the Bluetooth technology standard
  • Leading member of WECA (Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance) - ensuring interoperability among wireless systems
  • Actively involved in UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication Standard) development - the future for cellular network data communication

Leading the way in wireless communication

Toshiba is steering committee member of mobile data initiative - next generation (MDI-NG)