Visions Visions online - introduction

Toshiba Visions is all about the exciting technologies of tomorrow and what opportunities they might bring us. Each year we choose a range of subjects covering new technological developments, new combinations and new products. Some articles are about hardware you can expect to see in the next six months, some are much more long term peering into the murky future of technologies dreamed of, but still in the early stages.

This year, for the first time, our subjects cover important new developments in the desktop world as well as the mobile arena. Toshiba's technological expertise is now spreading ever wider. Toshiba's highly acclaimed desktop PCs and the leadership role in DVD show the benefits of many years of high research and development investments. Another topic that forms a common thread between many articles if miniaturisation. Indeed, so basic is this to future developments that it is also the subject of this year's Editorial.

Below is a short summary of each article to help you find the information you're most interested in. Oh, and by the way, last year's Toshiba Visions is also still on line. Although the products are now somewhat older, many of the more visionary articles are still relevant.

Infinite Fun

Home PCs are not about dry technologies, they're about having fun, enjoying the online world and integrating lots of different gadgets to make life easier. So Toshiba's Infinias employ a revolutionary new control centre we call the InTouch module. It's simple and straightforward to use - one touch is all that's needed. InTouch brings your telephone answering machine, your CD-player, your TV, your radio and your PC together. Everything can be controlled from one central point, directly below the screen. The Infinia series sets new standards and is coming to Europe soon.

DVD - a new technology comes of age

DVD is finally here. After a controversial birth and a difficult upbringing, DVD is maturing into a product that lives up to expectations. The capacity, the flexibility, the compatibility and quality, all aspect of DVD showing it to be a digital technology for the future. As the first DVD drives are demonstrated and the first DVD players hit the consumer market, Toshiba has reason to be proud about a technology it nurtured, and of which it owns 80% of the associated patents.

Mongrel Media

The Internet is a medium without comparison in our history. Its speed of development and change, its flexibility and its widespread availability make it a revolution in communication. But it has its weaknesses, and other media have their strengths. Sometimes a combination -a mongrel in breeding terms - can be a better answer than internet pure. Visions looks at some of the benefits than combining internet and CD-ROMs can bring.

Editorial - The efficiency of miniaturisation

Miniaturisation is the key to many a progress in technology nowadays. Miniaturisation is therefore a theme whatever the subject and indeed it runs through visions like a leitmotiv. But miniaturisation is not just the basis of digital improvements, it is a fascination for our whole society. Visions looks at some aspects of this.

From ENIAC to anything?

In the fifty years since the world's first digital computer was switched on, we have come an incredibly long way. Visions looks back at major milestones and consider where the trend of miniaturisation might take us in the near future.

Putting your notebook on a diet

If you think that a 3 kg notebook weighs too much, then take a look at the technologies that will get them slimmed down to size this year. By the end of 1997, there'll be a wider range of weights, specifications and sizes to choose from then ever before. Mobile computing promises to get more mobile but also more effective. You'll soon be able to choose exactly the right form factor for your personal and technological needs.

Mobile Data Initiative

The Mobile Data Initiative is an industry wide body covering not just PC companies, but also telecommunications providers and hardware producers. Together over two dozen companies are working on more advanced and ever more user-friendly ways for business to access data on the move. The GSM phone system is the technology of choice and the MDI group is working Europe-wide to promote the system. GSM will help you squeeze the last benefits out of your investments in information technology - wherever you are!!

Toshiba Visions Connectivity Special

Connectivity is the key to many of the advances in information technology nowadays. Wherever you are, increasingly the need is to communicate. You want to collect data from the office or you want to send an e-mail. You want to access a website or you want ftp a file to a colleague. Wherever you are connectivity is the key.