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1993+.Anything you need to know.about this classic Toshiba laptop

"It can change to fit my style of working."

Imagine a mobile computer that can change the way it works to fit the way you work. That can be customised to be your personal productivity device. That's the concept behind the Toshiba T6600C. It's the computer you want it to be. Even one that can turn your thoughts into moving pictures. With its built-in sound and vision, it's the most advanced mobile multimedia system available. There's no other computer quite like it. The T6600C breaks the mould of personal computing. It goes places desktop computers can't and does things notebooks can only aspire to. The T6600C is the power portable that best expresses the Toshiba philosophy of mobile computing: no compromises, no limits. It has the computer power to adapt to your individual needs, yet offers the freedom that has made Toshiba mobile computers the portables of choice.

The ultimate Power Portable
The Toshiba T6600C is the Power Portable that can meet even specialist's needs. Just look at the processing power - an Intel 486DX2 with an internal clock speed of 66 MHz, 8 MB memory, expandable up to 40 MB, and a 510 MB hard disk expandable to an unprecedented storage capacity of 1 GB. This is the sort of muscle you'd expect from a high-end desktop, not a portable. The T660OC's expansion capabilities are just as impressive. Two 16-bit full length ISA slots, one Type III PCMCIA 2.0 slot and an internal and external SCSI-2 port make the T6600C the complete connectivity system for today and tomorrow.

The vision of the future
Multimedia is the next big revolution to hit computing. Yet while most manufacturers are still just planning for it, Toshiba has already integrated it into the T6600C. The T6600C is an ideal mobile multimedia platform for both developers and presenters. The first mobile computer to incorporate internal speakers, the T6600C also features an ISA slot for DVI, integrated Microsoft Sound System, a bay for a 5.25" CD-ROM drive, as well as special multimedia connectors inside that allow multimedia applications to be shown on the T660OC's own screen. All of this means unlimited access to the new generation of interactive video applications emerging today. Add to this the T660OC's built-in graphics accelerator and it's hard to picture a more complete visual system.

Toshiba goes from strength to strength
All of the T660OC's state-of-the-art innovations are backed up with the sort of attention to detail that makes Toshiba the world leader in mobile computers. Like the Toshiba MultiSafe security system for high-level multi-user security. Or the benefit of external super VGA resolution offering 1024 x 768 pixels with 256 colours. And of course you've always got the confidence that comes from the Toshiba International Warranty, for complete peace of mind worldwide.

Two full-length ISA slots allow you to use the some cards as in your desktop.

Download Product Brochure (1,4 MB)

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