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1988+Anything you need to knowabout this classic Toshiba notebook

The Toshiba T5200 extends the Toshiba family of portables to the limits of modern PC technology. Performance equivalent to the most powerful desktops combined with true Toshiba portability. The result: an effective 386 in a truly portable package. A number cruncher's dream.

High-end performance
The T5200 gives power users an alternative. Power features start with the Intel 80386 microprocessor running at 20 MHz. A 32 KB cache memory ensures that the microprocessor achieves the highest performance possible. The standard 2 MB RAM can be expanded to 8 MB without using an expansion slot. You can have either a 100 or 40 MB hard disk drive with access times as low as 25 milliseconds. All these features combined with Toshiba portability add up to one thing: effective speed.

Brilliant graphics
A special feature of the T5200 is standard VGA graphics. Full VGA resolution can be displayed simultaneously on both the built-in plasma display and an external VGA monitor. On the plasma display, colours are displayed as 16 grey scales. A VGA compatible colour monitor can show the full range of VGA capabilities. And the plasma display can be detached, if needed, to give unimpaired viewing of the external monitor.

The Toshiba difference
Toshiba, as a market leader for portable computers, works hard to make its customers happy. The small details, although humble when compared to the awesome power features, make a big difference in user comfort. Two serial ports for increased flexibility. An extra enter key on the numeric keypad. Two industry standard expansion slots. And the T5200 is the only portable with the LapLok™ feature: a security feature offered by no one else. And, of course, you get Toshiba service. Quick. Professional. World-wide.

High-end performance

Download Product Brochure (2,6 MB)

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