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1987+Anything you need to knowabout this classic Toshiba notebook

Intel 80286 - 12 MHz. Optional 80287-8 math co-processor.

1024 KB standard. 640 KB may be used for MS-DOS and 384 KB as expanded memory (Lotus/ Intel/ Microsoft standard), as virtual disk, or as extended memory. Optional 3 MB memory expansion card for total RAM of 4 MB.

Diskette Drives
One built-in 3.5" 720 KB diskette drive. A second 5.25" 360 KB diskette drive can be connected.

Hard Disk
A fast built-in 3.5" 40 MB (formatted capacity) hard disk.
High resolution EGA compatible gas plasma with variable contrast and variable brightness. Can display up to 4 gray scales. Display can also support CGA, Hercules, and 640 by 400 resolution. Maximum resolution supported is 720 by 400.

Sculptured 85 key with separate numeric keypad.

Expansion slots
One full size 16/8 bit slot and one half size 8 bit slot.

RS-232C serial
Centronics parallel
Colour display (RGB)
External diskette drive
External keyboard
Real Time Clock/ Calendar
Standard - backed up by long life lithium battery.

Operating System
MS-DOS 3.2
PC LAN support
BASIC version 3.2 option
Windows version 1.1 option

370 x 395 x 99 mm (W x D x H)

8.5 kg

Power Supply
110/220 volts, 100W, switchable


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 Toshiba PCs use genuine Microsoft® Windows®