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1987+Anything you need to knowabout this classic Toshiba notebook

Toshiba knows that in the PC world bigger isn't always better. And Toshiba proves it again with the Toshiba T3200. The Spacesaver. A fast portable with expansion slots. Full size keyboard. Separate numeric keypad. Mobility.

Power. Capacity. Speed. Full size desktop function in an elegant and compact package. And speed has never looked so beautiful. Inside the portable T3200 is a powerful, fast, and expandable full function computer. Not only a high speed 12 MHz 80286 microprocessor but also a fast 40 MB hard disk. And EGA graphics as standard. A high resolution variable contrast gas plasma display and optional memory expansion to 4 Megabytes - without using a slot. The full size keyboard has a separate numeric keypad. Two expansion slots are standard. Fit a network card. A bus mouse. Mainframe communications. Graphics processor. Or a modem. Or any other expansion board from a wide range. And the complete computer can always be folded and locked away to provide the complete security that desktops lack.

The Toshiba T3200. The Spacesaver. Another wonder from Toshiba.

Toshiba T3200: the spacesaver.

Download Product Brochure (1,5 MB)

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