1994+Anything you need to knowabout this classic Toshiba notebook

"Business class at economy prices."

Getting a head start is rare these days. Starting in front is almost unheard of. But that's the feeling you get when you own a Toshiba notebook. The confidence that comes from knowing that what's standard for Toshiba means leadership for the industry. The T19-Series offers the most sophisticated standard notebook computers available. Within their stylish casing lies a world of increased productivity and freedom that goes with the best name in notebook technology. Standard features include Intel SL Enhanced 486 processor technology with intelligent power management; high capacity hard disks for today's large programs; fast colour screens that do graphics justice; and a keyboard and clip-on mouse that are easy to use. These affordable notebooks also offer on-line connectivity and flexible expandability thanks to their PCMCIA 2.0 slot - a feature not found on many, more expensive notebooks. With the PCMCIA 2.0 slot, you buy a Toshiba today and you're already investing in tomorrow. In the sleek, modern lines of the T 19-Series you can see the shape of the future, not a copy of the past.

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