1986+Anything you need to knowabout this classic Toshiba notebook
The Toshiba T1100 PLUS. The smallest and lightest dual disk laptop on the market. For the mobile professional. Two 3.5" diskette drives. 640 KB RAM. 7.16 MHz clock speed. Battery operation. Uncompromised compatibility with the industry standard. All at an attractive price. The T1100 PLUS from Toshiba. Full compatibility with battery-powered portability. The T1100 PLUS is the ideal computer for the mobile professional. A 4.5 kg computer companion. For the journalist covering a scoop. The travelling representative preparing a proposal. The scientist in the field. Or the executive in the conference room. Success depends on the computer.

And performance comes standard on the T1100 PLUS. The Intel 8OC86, a power conscious processor running at 7.16 MHz for fast processing. Two 720 KB 3.5" diskette drives. And compatibility with the industry standard for maximum software flexibility. With Toshiba's supertwist display, a screen with low power demands that's easy to read even under the worst viewing conditions. And six built-in interfaces for the same peripheral choices as a desktop. And all this to go. With a carrying handle and rugged casing. Up to 8 hours of battery operation with rechargeable NiCads. Weighing a mere 4.5 kg. And an optional modem. A Toshiba solution... portable power. And in the office. The T1100 PLUS can be furnished with an optional expansion box that's ideal for system memory expansion, networking, and hard cards.

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