1985+Anything you need to knowabout this classic Toshiba notebook
"As Versatile As It Is Compact! As Practical As It Is Personable."

So small, it'll virtually fit in a briefcase, yet the T1100 gives you all the features of a powerful desk-top machine for easy, handy, efficient operation. And it's so handsome, too!

The TOSHIBA T1100. Built on low power consumption CMOS technology, with a 16-bit 8OC88 microprocessor... A 256K byte RAM, a 720 K byte floppy disk drive and an optional extra FDD... And an 80-character, 25-line liquid crystal display that'll look up at you from any angle...

The TOSHIBA T1100, in spite of its size, can run all the popular IBM PC® programs, can match the IBM display functionality and its 640 x 200-pixel resolution, and, if you like, can do all this under battery power. A fine little computer, any way you look at it!

So why not clear off that heavy hardware cluttering up your desktop? You may even find yourself look ing up to the T1100!

  • Very compact, very light (9 pounds, 4.1 kg).
  • Compatible with the IBM PC.
  • Extensive use of CMOS components.
  • High-resolution bitmapped graphics on LCD.
  • internal 3.5-inch floppy disk drive.
  • 1 megabyte of unformatted data per floppy disk.
  • Up to 8 hours' running under rechargeable battery power.
  • 83-character keyboard.
  • Options include: Extra FDD, printer, color display, asynch communications adapter and 300 bps modem, 256KB extra memory, AC power adapter.


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