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1989+Anything you need to knowabout this classic Toshiba notebook
At last, the efficiency of a full-sized personal computer is available as a handy portable! It goes wherever you go, and you avoid those timeconsuming trips back to the office. So much mobility really makes you independent. Whether you're a market researcher taking notes, a journalist covering a scoop, a travelling representative on his way to customers, the boss at a building site, or a scientist at the scene of a discovery - your personal computer makes you more flexible, quicker, and therefore more successful.

The new compact T1000 is roughly the size of an office file, a feature exceeded only in importance by its efficient and powerful performance. In fact, your portable office can go head-to-head with the conventional desktop computer. And you'll never have to be without the qualities of your PC - just take it with you! Weighing in at just 2.9 kg it is easy to take along in the taxi, on the plane, in the hotel, and in the conference room. Everyone will be amazed at its intelligence. Even the standard version is thoroughly equipped with a number of interfaces, an excellent Supertwist display and an ergonomically-built, normal-sized keyboard. Of course, the T1000 is not just a portable. It is also ideal for office use and, when connected to an external display, is just as comfortable to use as a much bigger system while requiring just a fraction of the space. And since it's compatible with the industry standard, you can use all the leading software. We're sure you'll want to find out more about the T 1000. Our expert salesmen are waiting to hear from you.


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