Take it from Toshiba. Every time you want to recruit new staff, it's the same story: either the applicants want too much, or they don't come up to spec. So to fill your skills gap we now have two superbly qualified applicants of our own: the new Satellite Pro 430CDS. They offer all the back-up your business needs. And what's more at a price that will have your finance department saying "Hire them. Now!". The best of both worlds. If you've any doubts, just read on.

Two highly qualified recruits from Toshiba

Here are two applicants that have really got what it takes, the Toshiba Satellite Pro 430CDS. Their CVs are simply impeccable: 120 MHz Pentium processor, well-proven "Voltage Reduction Technology" and a 1.35 billion byte hard disk. The high-speed EDO RAM means their average "tea break" is just 60 nanoseconds. And the EDO RAM is expandable from 16MB to 48MB. Then there's the 10-speed CD-ROM drive - a must for all multimedia high flyers. And when you need to, it's simplicity itself to swap the CD-ROM over to the bundled floppy-disk drive. Now that's versatility!

Like all employers you're probably looking for that something extra - it's there in the Zoomed Video port. Working with the optional MPEG card it carries video data direct on to the screen. So you get full-motion, full-screen video and, thanks to the stereo sound card, a superb quality sound track too. The energy-efficient Satellite Pro 430 Series is powered by lithium-ion batteries which offer two important advantages over conventional power sources: they do away with memory effect and they enable you to work in energy-saving mode for up to 4 hours. And when your dealer tells you how little it costs to employ these go-getters, you'll know you've just found your new business partners!


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